Jedi Level Believer

The past few months have been challenging. It all came to a head this past week. I can’t believe what I went through but I know I’m on the other side. I could go into great detail and explain every little bit of it but I won’t. I will say my faith is stronger because of what I went through. My walk with God is getting deeper on a daily basis. Taking that walk isn’t a one time thing, it’s a life long journey. I’m prepared to take that journey to Jedi Level and to take it very seriously.

God sent his soldiers to help me in my dire time of need last night. I felt all alone for a bit there but I knew the people I could count on to help me get through it. It was a mind-blowing experience. I’m still worn out from it today. I know it’ll take a while for me to feel comfortable again but I’m leaning on God to get me through. I profess my love to Him throughout the day. When I get that feeling in my heart, I know it’s him letting me know that he’s there. He’s protecting me, my family and my friends.

Someday I may tell you exactly what happened. I’ve talked about it so much between yesterday and today that I just want to rest and try to put it behind me. I’ll never forget it. However, I will say this. God. Is. Real. Turn to him when you can’t endure it anymore. Call on those friends that are intuitive as you are. There’s power in numbers and power in prayer. You don’t have to face those problems alone.

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