I know, I’m Sorry

Yes it’s been a LOOOOOONNNNNG time since I’ve been here.  Things were kind of crazy here for a while.  My puppy was sick, very sick, we sold our house and moved into a brand new house.  We bought the house before the drywall was even put up.  It turned out gorgeous and I’m truly thankful to God for this house.  We’re all moved in and everything is in its place.  We still need to decorate but all is well.

My puppy, Thor, was very sick.  Last year around Thanksgiving he was sick for a few weeks.  Vet said it was a virus.  He bounced back and was fine.  At the start of the New Year he became sick again.  A lot of vomiting and we noticed when he would poo it was yellow.  Blood work was kind of iffy, Vet said his liver function tests were off.  We had her do a bile acid test (I think that’s what it’s called) and normal was like 15-30.  Thor was off the charts at 99!  We tried meds that helped his poo but eventually he just kept getting worse.  Long story short, he ended up losing a lot of weight and his hair started to fall out.  At his heaviest, he was 22 pounds.  When he passed he was 11 pounds.  It was horrifying.  I don’t ever want to go through that again.  We have another dog, Loki.  Thor was 4 and Loki is 6.  Loki is finally himself again but its been a rough few months for him.  He misses his brother deeply.  They had a bond, even though it wasn’t really a close bond.  I think as long as they knew each other was there, they were fine.  They weren’t buddies though.

For now we have decided not to get another sibling for Loki.  He’s adapted well to being the only pup and we spoil him lots so I think it wouldn’t be good to get another family member.

My Husband’s Aunt and Uncle came down for the eclipse and brought their dog Bindy, a female Morkie.  She was too rambunctious for Loki, he’s a bit of a fuddy duddy.  I think he was actually cheering when she left.

This Thursday is my yearly scan for my aneurysm.  I’m a little nervous but leaving the matter in God’s hands.

Please keep victims of Hurricane Harvey in your prayers.  Keep being nice, help and pray for others.  I’ll report back after Thursday.

RIP Thor Baby.  4/12/13 – 6/9/17


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