What is #luzit?

The term “#luzit” came out of a discussion I was having with Sara B. in our San Diego office, from a former employer.  I think we were talking about customized t-shirts.  She sent me a picture of one and I went crazy about it.  I IM’d her back and said “#loveit”!  Her reply was “or #luzit”!?  My first name is ‘Luz’, see what she did there?!  Genius!  From that moment I have coined things I like with the term “#luzit”, whether it be a an article, story, Facebook post, whatever, that’s my way of giving it a thumbs up.

I guess my hope is that people remember me for being very diverse in things that I like and feel need recognition.  My goal will be to bring those things to the forefront.  There’s a lot of emphasis on the same chatter over and over, i.e. politics, sports, religion and we’re missing those stories and experiences that aren’t being told.  We are not a cookie cutter nation. People have so much more to offer and we need to start idolizing those who are doing good things instead of idolizing high paid sports stars, reality stars, etc.  This is what I want to bring to you.

If you have suggestions of what I can feature, I’m open.  There may be times where I will post something that I’m passionate about and I would hope that people can keep an open mind. It’s not my intent to force my beliefs on anyone, however, I will expect courtesy if my beliefs are different from yours.  Let’s always keep it civil. There’s too much negativity and hate already going on in media and television, I won’t have any of it on here.

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